General Information & Guidelines
  • All students must report at least 10 minutes prior to the specified time to school everyday. If the child is late for more than Two (2) times in a term She / He may sent back home.
  • Student must also be picked up on time.
  • Please ensure that the students are habituated towards, basic habits of neatness, cleanliness and tidiness. All students must come to school in clean and ironed uniforms.
  • Student should bring necessary book and stationary as per the daily timetable to school.
  • Please check the school diary everyday and sign it. If there are any notes that need a reply, Please respond immediately.
  • If a student remains absent from school for any reason whatsoever, an entry should be made in the diary with a reason for absence in the leave record.In case of planned leave,please send the leave note at least 2 days in advance. In case of continuous absence of 8 days or more,without prior sanction,the name will be struck off the role at the discretion of the school Management. For students participating in external exams/event/games prior permission from the school is required.
  • Your child must take care of his / her belongings in the school,any loss / damage is not the responsibility of school.
  • Parents are also required not to contact any teacher of the school directly or without the prior permission of the school head.
  • No half day leave for student. They should not be sent to school if the child cannot attend the full session. In case of any emergency any one parent must come personally to pick up the student.
  • No half day leave will be granted for passport purpose.
  • No student will be allowed to go home with any unknown person.The parents need to carry Parents I.D.card for the same.
  • The Parents Teachers Meeting is necessary for the healthy academic growth of the student.Both parents must make it convenient to attend all meetings at the specific timings along with the student in school uniform with the school diary.
  • 75% of attendance is compulsory in a session to get promoted to next class.
Important Don'ts :
  • No fancy Haircuts,Hairclips or Hair colouring.
  • No Jewellery only simple small gold or silver studs for girls.
  • No Nail polish will be allowed.Mehendi will not be allowed.
  • No Mobile phones or any other electronic devises They will be confiscated if found and will not be returned for the entire academic session.They will be returned after completion of session with the fine of Rs.2000.
  • Parents and visitors too will switch off mobiles and deposit it with the security on entering school premises. (According to CBSE norms)
  • No student will cause damage to school property or write anything on the walls, furniture. If found doing so,concerned student / parent will compensate for the damage.
  • No mischief / indiscipline in the bus/van.If indiscipline in the bus is reported,bus facility for the said student can be withdrawn for a week as punishment.
  • No books (other than text books or library books), magazines, floppies, cassettes, CDs, money, mobile phones,camera,transistors,headphone,earphone,may be brought to school.
  • No student shall induce in any of the following practices:
    • Spitting in or near the school building.
    • Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property.
    • Smoking
    • Any form of gambling.
    • Indecent and rude behaviour.
    • Use ofviolence in any form,bullying or anti-social behaviour.
    • Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability.
    • Bursting of crackers.
    • Disrespecting the teachers
If any of the Tulipines is found carrying any such activity, strict action will be taken against him / her
including expulsion from school.

All the students will be provided an I-card which must be worn to school every day.
In case of loss of I-Card an application must be submitted by the parent reporting the loss. A new one will be
provided at a price of Rs.150/-

The school and staff will ensure that utmost care is taken once the students are in the school and all necessary
precautions will be taken. However, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury in or
around the school premises, while on the field trips & picnics or during other school activities or during
commuting to and from the school.

Reshuffling of students
All students will be re-shuffled on entry to class I and X. This is to ensure a healthy intermingling of students
and create attitudes of acceptance of change,ability to make new friends and co-operation among all.
Reshuffling will be done by a fair draw of lots. The school reserves the right to take the final decision and may
make the changes where felt necessary for the betterment of a student. However, this will be at the sole
discretion of teachers and principal and anyone else will not be entertained.

Once classes are allotted the school will not entertain any application regarding the change of section of any

The school will follow the scheme of studies suggested by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research
and training ) and will be adopting purely CBSE curriculum.

School Rules:
  • During school hours, parents and guardians are not allowed to visit either to their ward or any teacher. In case of emergency class teacher may be contacted through the front office.
  • Sufficient balance in the Bank Account need to be kept to avoid any inconvenience when PDC's towards school fees are to be submitted for clearance.
  • The Bonafide Certificate will be issued only 7 days after the submission of the application for the same.
  • Only after the clearance of the school fees and transportation (of applicable) the parents will be issued L.C.This will be issued only after 7 days of submission of the application for the same.
  • Last date to submit the application for L.C is 15th March.2019.
  • Parents may please note that the front desk will not accept any material, project files, Tiffing box or any other material that the student has forgotten at home after the school bell and then subsequently brought in by the parents and guardians.

Health care
Basic First Aid is available in the school. In case of any medical emergency, the child will be guided to a clinic where
he/she will be treated under the supervision of the school panel doctor. The cost of medical attention will be borne
by the parents.

School Uniform: (Compulsory for all)
Boys: School Uniform,School belt,School socks and only School black shoes and boys to wear vest,Boys should trim hair
regularly,no spikes and fancy hairstyles.

Girls: School uniform (skirt below knee length), school socks and School black shoes. Girls to wear white slips and
black tights,skirt to be tug in properly. Girls should tie hair neatly in plaits if long. Only black hair bands and black clips
are allowed. If not will be send back home.

On Wednesday& Friday sports uniform,School socks black / white shoes only - no colored shoes will be allowed.
In winter school hoodies is compulsory for all and black leggings is compulsory for girls.
Student with flat feet need to submit medical certificate.

Bus / Transport rule
  • No diversion / extension will be entertained on existing routes.
  • Bus facilities will be cancelled in case of non-payment of fees.

Absence during tests and examinations due to illness
If a child is seriously ill and has to miss exams on account of illness
  • In primary section, if a student misses an assessment, the student will not be re- examined as the assessment is done on the basis of different strategies and tools and consequently will not be graded,those in Higher Sections will be given promotions on the basis of previous term exam reports.
  • On the days of test, a child who comes for the test is expected to stay all day and will not be allowed to go home after the test. It is strongly recommended that a child should not be sent for exam if he/she is not well.
Promotion criteria (Detention takes place when)
  • A child has been ill for a long time and has missed classes for more than 75% of the year.The Head of school will take decision regarding promotion in such matters.
  • When a child has consistently failed to perform well in all the test and exam of the current academic year.
  • Specific cases regarding promotion will be at the discretion of the academic committee whose decision will be final.
  • If a child does not attend the school for 8 consecutive days without any application or prior approval.
  • Grade 3 on wards students need to score aggregate marks to get promoted to the next class. Retest will be taken if the child does not clear in one subject. If the child is unable to clear the exam in two or more papers, then the child has to repeat the same class.No excuse will be entertained.
Social media
No students or parents should be found uploading picture or videos of school events without permission on social
networking sites. The school will not be responsible for any consequences that may occur due to postings by
students and shall take legal action or detention ofchild if found posting abusive or inappropriate post.

Code ofconduct
  • Student should be properly dressed in full uniform with I-Card everyday as well as during school function.
  • Every student should carry the school diary to school every day.
  • Student should walk in queue while changing the classroom as and when required.
  • Student must speak only in English in the school premises and in the school bus.

  • School Fees and Registration Fees (fees for blocking of seat) once paid will not be refunded at any cost or through any request, whether the Tulipian has attended the school or not.
  • In case the Tulipian leaves the school before the completion of the session, than full year school fees and transportation fees are to be paid within 10 days. Otherwise no Leaving Certificate or any kind of letter will be issued from the school.
  • Tuition fees and Transport fees are charged for the full calendar year. First half yearly installment fees is to be paid by 30th April and second half yearly installment fees are to be paid by 31st October 2018.
  • If a Tulipian quits the school (due to any reason) after the commencement of the academic year and after June 15th and before September 15th, 75% yearly fees will be payable including transportation charges.
  • If a Tulipian quits the school (due to any reason) after the commencement of the academic year and after September 15th , 100% fees for the academic year will be payable including transportation. In case of quitting the school during mid-term, the tuition fees and transport for half year will be charged.
  • In case of delay in payment of fees beyond two months, name of the Tulipian will be expelled from the attendance register. However, it may be noted that fees are supposed to be paid as long as the name of the Tulipian is reflected on the register.
  • The fees must be paid only to the cashier in the school and a receipt is required to be obtained for the same.
  • Any fees paid for a particular Tulipite will not be adjustable with the other Tulipian.
  • School Fees and Registration Fees once paid will not be refunded irrespective of whether the Tulipian has attended the school or not.
  • No deductions of fees will be made for vacations or broken periods.
  • Parents opting for the yearly registration policy of Rs. 15,000/- will have to deposit the next renewal for the academic session by 15th April 2018 otherwise the admission will automatically get cancelled.
  • Parents opting to pay half yearly school fees will have to deposit the post dated cheques for the next installment to the accounts department.
  • If the cheque bounces the parents will have to pay Rs 500 /-
  • The parents have to pay a penalty of Rs. 100/- per day for late payment of fees.
  • Parents are requested to inform the accountant Mr.Jitendra Patel on 9909979081 after depositing the fees to the bank directly.
  • Fees once paid are not refundable. Only caution money is refundable by projecting the original receipt to the accountant.
  • School fees will increase 10% every year for further growth, infrastructure, development and new educational initiatives.
  • Management reserves all the rights to grant admission or cancel it.
School Timing

We follow five days working i.e. from Monday to Friday, without lessening the total teaching hours, per week.The
school timing will be as follows

Kindergarten (Nursery,K-1,K-2)
Monday - Friday 8:45 am - 12:45 pm

Grade I - XII
Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

School gate will be closed at 7:40 am for student to maintain punctuality.

All Saturday off Visiting hours for parents
All working Fridays 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
All Saturday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm