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The New Tulip International School is the world class School that has bagged International Accreditation from IAO, USA upto 2027.

The New Tulip International School draws much of its inspiration from the International Standards setup by World Educational Organisations. The infrastructure of The New Tulip International School comprises of lush green surroundings with a beautiful garden to provide mental solace away from the hubbub of the city. The serene beauty of entire campus which enriches the environment and spreads an all pervading aura of tranquility and serenity and helps the students to explore their ideas and imaginations. 

This also helps to break down the isolation created by the stress of studies, exposing our students to the reality outside their own experience so that they can learn to cope with unexpected difficulties and become mature in a broader horizon.

The New Tulip International School caters to the needs of all round integrated, balanced and holistic development of the child, both academically and emotionally. Education is imparted not as a means to achieve their goals, but as a continuous process of advancement.

The entire team of dedicated staff members give a personal loving touch to the needs of the students to help achieve their goals successfully.

We at TULIP, have well-equipped wings for different boards in order to provide the parents, an opportunity to choose the appropriate Indian or International board for their ward.


This is Tulip School calling. Read along and find out how you could be a part of it too. Good education is the only gift that can make your child's future.

Tulip school was set up in 1996 by Mr. Yogesh Shridhar, Managing Trustee of Tulip Charitable Trust, in the memory of his father Late, Shri Dahyabhai A. Patel, a renowned educationist with the vision of opening a design workshop of international standards. Mr. Shridhar dream of making Tulip into a model school of Ahmedabad and today, he and his team has created a congenial atmosphere and has succeeded in enabling the Tulipites to meet the challenges of the world successfully. Mr. Shridhar strongly feels that tender hands of the educators can do wonders in moulding a child into a responsible citizen.

The school started in five small huts and over a period of ten years it has grown into a full fledged school from Kindergarten to Grade XII with all the three streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Arts, with three different Boards running successfully simultaneously under the same roof.


Mr. Yogesh Shridhar (Chairman & Managing Trustee)

Mr. Shridhar strongly feels the tender hands of the educators can do wonders in moulding a child into a responsible citizen of the country. He says, "I believe that a fundamental part of education is to inspire students to be autonomous learners who construct knowledge independently, so that we have a huge force of innovators who could make India self reliant in science and technology".
Teachers, apart from generating an intellectual environment, should also create among students a thirst for knowledge to transform our children into socially useful and productive members of the society.


Mrs. Lata Shridhar (Executive Director & Trustee) 

The New Tulip International School stands for the best education and is very ambitious towards providing the best services in all the fields. 

Our mission is to build the citizens of tomorrow. 
We endeavour to seek your co-operation to succeed in our mission.


Late Prof. Shankarbhai Patel (Hon. Advisor & Trustee)

Education is a master solution to all problems. True education enlightens social life and does away with the darkness of ignorance, wrong notions and blind beliefs.
The New Tulip International School prepares the child for life by developing literacy, articulation, self-confidence and leadership. The child is helped to identify his/her own strengths. The New Tulip International School creates an ideal environment for child learning, evolving and growing. Being a centre of IGCSE it gives flexible international level curricula.


Tulip's aim is to think globally and act locally The vision & mission of Tulip's TNTIS is "Transforming Potentialities into Realities" and to blend the strong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul Heritage with advanced modern education.

PUPIL - Our Produce


MANAGEMENT - Our Motivators and Facilitators

PARENTS - Our Support and Blessings

SOCIAL COMMITMENT                                                                                                                                                                              


Extending a helping hand to the less privileged children, it has been the endeavour of TNTIS, which has joined hands with Prerna Foundation, to adopt the Visamo Kids by imparting free education & all privileges to bring them at par with other students.


To encourage and motivate the meritorious scholars of the school and also the children who have excelled in co-curricular activities, The Tulip management offers special scholarships to enable them to get a platform to showcase their latent talent.


Tulip always believes in giving special care and attention to specially abled children to nurture them to become confident learners to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Considering the hardships faced in rearing up a child single handedly, TNTIS has always supported and extended a helping hand financially in providing many privileges to the children of single parents.